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Reputation General Terms and Conditions


1.    One driving lesson lasts 45 minutes and consists of: Welcome, orientation, practical driving lessons, final discussion and new appointments.    


2.    Agreed driving lessons are binding and must at least 24 hours be deregistered in advance, otherwise they will be invoiced.


3.    The DRIVING SCHOOL GOLDIN reserves the right to finish an training at any time. This right also applies to the learner.


4.    The students commit themselves to appear in a sober condition for driving lessons. In the case of an alcoholic or drug-influenced occurrence, the Driving lesson cancelled and invoiced..


5.    Less driving hours not used will be refunded. Excepted from this are vouchers.

6.    The DRIVING SCHOOL GOLDIN reserves the right to change prices at any time.


7.     The learner undertakes to present the Learning Driving Licence during the course.


8.  Changes of address and new telephone numbers must be reported to DRIVING SCHOOL GOLDIN immediately.


9.  If the student learner is deprived of the learning driving licence, he or she must have inform the DRIVING SCHOOL GOLDIN immediately.


10. Regulatory buses, which are caused by the fault of the learner drivers, can be charged to the students.


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